How to Market Your Accounting Practice in 2022 for Success in 2023

Market Your Accounting Practice in 2022 for Success in 2023

Statistics about the accounting industry abound, but two are of particular interest if you are growing your accounting practice. First, more than 80% of accountants surveyed say that customers are increasing their demands. Now compare that with the following: more than 70% of self-employed contractors do not outsource their accounting services. What is the result of the comparison? There is still a healthy target audience for your marketing strategy, but they will require that you offer more services to maintain your competitive edge, to market your accounting practice for success in 2023.

So how can you market your accounting practice for success going into 2023? Consider the following tips from PathQuest BI:

Expand Your Services

For decades, accounting firms have had accounting software, such as QuickBooks or Xero, available to digitize bookkeeping. But companies want more than just digitized accounting these days. They are looking for business intelligence solutions that track, collect, and analyze financial data to improve forecasting and decision making. The right accounting business intelligence software, such as PathQuest BI, will provide you with the tools to transform into a powerful and engaging advisory firm.

What insights and advantages will such a software platform provide:

  • Increased visualization. Business intelligence (BI) solutions provide a comprehensive accounting dashboard and intuitive reporting that increases visualization. This helps decision-makers access real-time data analysis in a format that vastly improves decision-making and response.
  • Consolidation and control. Consolidated reporting is a by-product of automated data collection and analysis provided by BI. These features centralize control and integrate the various platforms used by industry professionals. Automated visual KPIs and customizable reports provide critical business insights.
  • Seamless integration. Professional BI solutions integrate seamlessly with multiple existing software platforms, meaning that implementation is simple and cost-effective. There is no need to invest in costly new digital infrastructure before reaping the benefits.

Offering the complete spectrum of accounting advisory services is key to staying competitive. But it’s not just about expanding your services to broaden your target consumer audience. Rather, offering specific comprehensive services tailored to the needs of your clients will attract the kind of business that will grow your practice.

Go Digital

Successful marketing embraces the many digital strategies available for accessing modern consumer audiences.

Email Marketing

Email marketing depends on having a subscription list. There are many ways to create the list, such as inviting subscribers on your website or other online channels, planning physical events where attendees can sign up, and other strategies. Once you have a list, you can use email alerts and campaigns to offer incentives or create brand awareness.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM essentially drives traffic to your website or organization. It combines organic methods (SEO) with paid methods for ensuring your company appears competitively in search engine results.

Social Media Marketing

Creating social media accounts across the various platforms will enhance your marketing in a variety of ways. It creates brand awareness and allows you to engage your audience, create a network of connections, and stay current with industry trends and consumer demands.

Content Marketing

In addition to your social media presence, creating or curating content is another way to engage your audience. Blogs, social media posts, newsletters, white papers, and other forms of content allow you to address your audience, offer incentives, comment on industry trends, and take a position on relative topics of interest.

Solutions for your Accounting Success in 2023

PathQues BI has the professional tools and expertise to help you market your accounting practice and expand to an advisory role in 2023. Investing in this strategy now will elevate your business and help you maintain a competitive edge. PathQuest BI can help you transform real-time financial reporting into data-driven insights that will improve decision-making and optimize the response of your business to industry trends and growth. To learn more one-on-one get in touch with our experts.


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